Who We Are

We are a social development organisation driven by our ideal of levelling the playing field and creating an equitable society where all people are empowered to be active citizens in their communities. We achieve this through our various grassroots programmes aimed at uplifting communities through education, skills development, environmental initiatives, rural development and the empowerment of the disenfranchised- women and youth.

We understand that developing nations have a dual challenge, that being capacity building to keep up with the developed nations to competitively participate in the global economy, while on the hand, focusing on developmental imperatives in order to catch up skills and technology to global standards. We believe that this is possible when robust, simple and yet disruptive solutions are introduced on mass at a grassroots level. This is the focus of all our interventions, our work is aimed at communities who make up the bottom of the economic pyramid.

We partner with global and local companies, investors, donors and philanthropic organisations who share our values and common belief in equal opportunity for all. Social justice begins to take shape when all who make up our global society have equal access to opportunities. This speaks to a basic Human Right. Human Dignity is a right all should enjoy and without fundamentals millions of people are robbed of this right from birth. It is our joint global duty to restore this fundamental right to human existence

We have more than a decade’s experience providing essential infrastructure in schools across the African continent. We spent over 5 years developing a self-guided career guidance programme for high schools with the University of Stellenbosch and other specialists. Using more than a decade of the University’s research and development, we have co-created the Kommunity Career Handbook as a uniquely tailored solution for skills development at a foundational level.