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It is our assertion that condoms, as a product and under perfect conditions, are effective. Studies on the effectiveness of condoms are based on the presumption that when condoms are used they are in the same condition they were in when they left the factory or retail outlet, yet users lack of the appropriate knowledge to care for their condoms correctly, and general bad habits inadvertently expose condoms to risks that make them ineffective.

Research illustrates that a significant percentage of condoms are damaged through human error, after they leave the factory or retail outlet and are thus rendered ineffective. A substantial amount of the human error culminating in the damage of condoms is due to the manner in which convenience has led people to store and handle them. In South Africa some estimates place damaged condoms as high as 43% of all condoms used. 80% of condom users do not store and carry their condoms in a safe way. 80% of condom users are at risk of HIV/AIDS infection.

Manufacturers universally agree that wallets, pockets and bags are harmful places to store condoms, as these storage places are unsafe environments for them. Condoms are not supposed to be exposed to direct light, excess heat or any sharp objects. Wallets constrict condoms, resulting in the potential for them to burst. A pocket exposes condoms to sharp objects such as pens and hair pins, while bags create a similarly non-conducive environment. The risk of engaging in unprotected sexual intercourse is well documented and, unbelievably, is matched by the risk of sexual intercourse with damaged condoms. Human behaviour is difficult to reform.

The Condom Case™ is designed in such way to carry three condoms at any time, and ensure that these condoms remain in pristine, factory condition for the duration of their carriage in the Condom Case™ , thus immediately and directly contributing to decreasing the risk of contracting HIV/AIDS, unwanted/unplanned pregnancy and the transfer of sexually transmitted diseases.

Programme mission:

  • To save lives
  • Support the practice of safe sex
  • Encourage and promote positive sexual behaviour
  • Destigmatise condoms use and condom carriage