Infrastructure, litracy and writing skills


Globally recognised, and in partnership with the United Nations Special Envoy for Education, the Kommunity Desks provides the answer to the classroom desk shortage crisis experienced in schools in developing countries. Functional literacy – the ability to read and write – is almost impossible to achieve without a dedicated writing surface – a school desk. Over 95 million children in schools across sub-Saharan Africa have no access to a classroom desk and the prospect of compromised literacy development. Kommunity Desks offers children their very own workstation creating immediate, high impact and positive change in an instant, under any learning conditions.

Made from a robust child-friendly blend of polymers, Kommunity Desks is designed to last the duration of a learner’s school career. At $0.018 per day / over three years, Kommunity Desks is a unique and portable solution to our most disadvantaged children, offering a sense of worth, dignity and ownership over and above the literacy and academic improvements. The Kommunity Desks Campaign aims to deliver at least 20million Kommunity Deskss to leaners by 2025. With over 1,5million desks already in the hands of children and more than 3,000 school handovers conducted, Kommunity Desks is a proven solution to a literacy development and general infrastructure crisis.

Kommunity Desks directly addresses Donor requirements in the following ways:

  • Sustainability (long product lifespan, international developing country relevance)
  • Portability (for use at home and school)
  • Low cost (fractional cost when compared to traditional furniture, incl. distribution, durability, functionality etc.)
  • Speed to market / Scalability
  • Effectiveness and Relevance, relative to intended usage environment

The Kommunity Desks Campaign operates with a set of goal-orientated solutions including:

  • The provision of infrastructure to established, but under-resourced education systems
  • The provision of infrastructure to areas experiencing overcrowded or stressed education structures
  • The provision of portable infrastructure to children in nomadic or displaced environments
  • The immediate provision of infrastructure to children in extraordinary circumstances, set on by conflict and natural disaster, to assist in creating a safer environment

Imprinting on the Kommunity Desks supports:

  • Literacy and appropriate age education development
  • Health, safety, equality and human rights education
  • Environmental care information